Artificial Intelligence (AI) By Design

From the beginning, Expedita has senior team members with a strong Artificial Intelligence (AI) Background. Our products design always had embedded concepts like Knowledge Representation, Automatic Reasoning, or Semantic Content. 

Knowledge Representation

All our solutions include a embedded intelligent representation for the main concepts, based on a mix of Semantic Networks, Neural Networks and Frame-based representations.

This enhanced data storage allow our solutions to query for non-explicit knowledge and identify non-obvious relations.

Automatic Reasoning

Heuristic Search, Constraint Propagation, Spreading Activation, are only a few examples of AI reasoning theories that have been applied to solve specific business needs.

Artificial Intelligence is a very wide field of research and covers a very diverse set of day-to-day problems. Being aware these research results allow us to apply non-standard algorithms or strategies to deal with specific client needs, always after a proper assessment of the current state of art.

Practical results

Based on these techniques we were able to deploy innovative solutions for our clients ou within the context of EU-wide research projects.

On of those cases was the Porto Santo Line dynamic-packaging feature in their web-site during 2000, 4 years before Phocuswright identify these features as an Emerging Technology.

Another interesting project was the online advice system for Funchal Agricultural Cooperative, that assisted their clients to identify the best treatment for any culture affected by a decease or, in, a reverse reasoning, where to apply previously bought products to current plantations.

A solution further develop in the context of the Regions of Knowledge EU project (TOUREG), where a similar solution (The Technological Map) was created to help tourism companies to identify possible technologies to solve their current problems and challenges, and corresponding commercial products and providers.

This is only a small set of practical applications of AI based techniques that helped us solve specific business requirements, providing efficient and flexible solutions that standard approaches would not address.


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