Travel & Transport

Due to its flexibility, the xRS Booking platform has been successfully applied to the 2 major Ferry operations in Portugal and for the last 20 years we have worked closely with this two companies to foresee the operational and commercial challenges in the transportation sector.

The practical requirements imposed from these challenging operations, where in Azores we have 7 islands served by 3 interconnected ships, and the commercial expertise that we gained in all our projects for the Tourism sector, lead to a broad and powerful solution that includes:

  • in-house, online and mobile B2B/B2C sales
  • availability control for passengers, cars and complementary services
  • diversified product offering, including special tariffs, multi-service packages, automatic discounts based on quantity, dates or service cross-selling
  • boarding control, with optional independent check-in
  • commission attribution for sellers and affiliate partners
  • cross-selling with services at destination, like hotels or activities
  • passengers rescheduling
  • commercial and operational reports



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