xRS Innovation Path

The xRS reservation platform is the technological result from an extensive set of research and innovation projects performed by Expedita and GesTools ASP, each one defined with sustainable short- and mid-term functional goals.

Each of those projects allowed for a broad interaction with academic, consultant and business members, either in public and private organizations located in Europe and Brazil, that shared their knowledge and insights for the future of the tourism activity and requirements for technological solutions.

TourISt (1997)
Tourism towards the Information Society

RISI2, EU Program

First reservation system prototype, develop as a result from Madeira University requirement gathering after several meetings with some of the most relevant tourism companies in Madeira Island

(1999) OmnisIberia

Private Company (Lisbon, Madrid)

B2B marketplace in the Tourism sector, connecting tour operators, lodging units and travel agencies through a 100% web-based application

Porto Santo Line (2000)

Private Company (Madeira Islands)

Sales and boarding platform for a one-line Ferry Operation, with in-house, B2C and B2B sale interfaces; Dynamic-packaging between transport, lodging and activities

(2003) Porto Bay TimeSharing

Private Company (Funchal)

Sales monitoring, inventory management and automatic contract generation for a TimeSharing operation

Açorline (2005)

Private Company (Azores)

Sales and boarding platform for a multi-ship and multi-route ferry operation, with in-house, B2C and B2B sales interface

(2005) ISNOVA

INTERREG IIIb, EU Program (contract by Madeira Tecnopolo)

Requirement analysis for a Regional Information System related to Tourism Promotion, based on several meetings with main public and private organizations in the sector from Madeira, Canarias and Balearic Islands; First prototype for a tourism-specific Knowledge Base

Grupo Pestana (2006)

Private Company (Madeira Islands)

In-house marketing and booking solution aimed to improve services cross-selling between lodging units and manage all financial aspects related to invoice, revenue attribution and commissions

(2006) SEED
Enabling Semantic Web Processes with WoS Specification and Computation for the Tourism Industry

UMa / FC-UL / Expedita – POSI/EIA

Research project with Madeira University, concerning semantic representation and integration algorithms between independent Tourism-related systems for booking and information merge (like social networks, websites, blogs)


Intraturist (2008)

Business Association, by BKat Consulting (Madeira)

Regional B2C and B2B reservation platform for all Business Association members; integrated sales for tourism services and regional products (wine, embroidery, handicraft)

(2008) TOUREG
Competitiveness and Knowledge in the Tourism Sector

Regions of Knowledge, EU Program

Joint project between 7 regions in Europe, leaded by Balearic Government, to assess the maturity stage in those regions and corresponding countries regarding innovation in the tourism sector; A “State of Art” report was produced for the EU and several initiatives were taken to promote a Tourism Innovation Cluster in the participating regions

Atlânticoline (2009)

Private Company (Azores)

Sales and boarding platform for a multi-ship and multi-route ferry operation, with in-house, B2C and B2B sales interface, fidelity program and extended tariff plans (promotions, special age-classes, social discounts);

(2010) Nonius Software

Private Company (Oporto)

Technological integration and UI architecture for a hotel in-house activities booking system accessed through an interactive TV platform

Civitas-Mimosa (2010)


Mobility information and advice services for tourists and local citizens using web and mobile devices; additional developments to the ISNOVA project to extent the prototype with geo-location, sequenced routes and users collaboration

CMS Web Booking (2011)

Private Companies (Madeira)

Development of an Open Source Content Management System component to support online booking through a SOAP API for small Lodging units

Destino Alagoas (2014)

Private Company (Alagoas, Brazil)

DMC approach to the online business for a new player specialized in cultural and historical attractions in a undeveloped tourism region

(2014) InMadeira

Business Association (Madeira Islands)

Regional promotion and booking platform aimed to facilitate cross-selling business opportunities among services providers and increase the average return by visiting tourist

Panazorica (2018)

Private Company (Azores, Brazil)

One of the major DMC in Azores Islands, providing B2B and B2C
booking platform to his clients with real-time integration with
Travelport Universal-API for flight bookings

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