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Tourism destinations all over the world are competing for the same travelers, and every day new ones emerge.

To succeed in this challenge, these destinations must take into their own hands the responsibility to organize, promote and facilitate the access to all the services and unique experiences that they provide.

For almost 20 years, Expedita has participated in several research and innovation projects with relevant private and public players in Europe to understand and prepare the right technology and business solutions to tackle this challenges.

With the practical experience gained in running solutions for hotel groups, innovative DMC and business associations, we have developed an off-the-shelve solution that can be deployed in a short period of time for a Tourism region or country.

This solution will support the region private and public entities for on-line promotion and sales initiatives, reducing reliance on external operators or large OTA.

Deployed as an 100% Cloud Solution, this approach to tourism promotion includes:

  • a regional GDS for all types of services (including lodging, activities, events, regional products, mobility, ...)
  • B2B interfaces to promote cross-selling within local companies and travel agencies
  • cloud components to improve on-line sales in existing web sites
  • integration API 
  • a regional portal with booking functionality using a well-known CMS
  • travelers registration with an optional fidelity program


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